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The One SECRET Of Weight Loss
Written by Coach Kyle Rasmussen
when you need to focus on your CAREER and your FAMILY, FITNESS can SOMETIMES take a back seat.   the articles in this BLOG will show you exactly what you need to do in order to quickly get your FITNSS AND NUTRITION strategy in place so you can JUMP START your BODY TRANSFORMATION SAFELY AND PERMANENTLY and begin LIVING your lIFE FEELING CONFIDENT AND COMFORTABLE, again.
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Let's get straight to business - you have a bit of weight to lose,  otherwise you wouldn't be reading this article. So let's be blunt and straight to the point... you need help, you can't do it on your own.   Right?    Well, let's put a plan together.

I'm going to use this blog post to build a comprehensive plan of action, explaining each part in as much detail as I can without turning this into a 6-week course.   (We can talk more about my 6-Week Transformation Challenge some other time.)

There are only 2 (that's right, two) things you'll need to focus on in order to lose weight safely and permanentely.    

Ready for this?

The key to losing more weight and more inches in less time is a process that is much easier and less complicated than what you might think...

Have you ever noticed, in your favorite gym, that the people with the most desireable physiques are the same ones who for the most part barely touch the cardio equipment and spend the majority of their time lifting weights?

As a personal trainer and lifelong fitness enthusiast, I've seen the uneducated gym goers put in a lot of effort (and more importantly... time!) into only a few measly pounds lost on the scale and the almost inevitable failing to see any serious life changing results and sooner rather than later quiting and throwing in the towel.

No weight lost, no inches lost, no "wow these new pants are already to big on me"...

Just nothing.

It's weird... don't you want to see results for your efforts?
#1 Secret Revealed...
The key to safely and permanently losing 10, 20 or 30+ lb. of body fat isn’t as complicated as what you might currently think. Even if you’ve struggled in the past to lose stubborn body fat, your past struggles DO NOT matter once you harness the power of… the SECRET, which I reveal in this article below. I don’t care if you’ve tried crazy “quick fix’ diets only to regain the weight you lost (plus a few pounds extra) shortly thereafter. I don’t care if you’ve tried losing weight by pounding the pavement or the elliptical machine for hours on end only to see a few measly pounds lost on the scale. I don’t even care if you’ve tried one of those new fad “medical weight loss” diets that pumps you full of stimulants and restricts your daily caloric intake to less than 500 calories (super unhealthy)! I can honestly say that I don't care about any of those things. None of those methods are sustainable or healthy. Those methods are all irrelevant and I’m about to show you why.  

I’m about to give you the SECRET that I’ve harnessed over the years to help myself and my clients… people just like you, lose weight safely and lose weight permanently. With the SECRET that I’m about to uncover, you can lose that weight that you so desperately wish to lose and do it without any fad diets, starvation tactics or unsafe medical injections that will reck havoc on your system which ultimately will set you up for major disappointment. I don’t care about these things because I’m about to teach you the one SECRET that will transform your life forever…

So what is THE SECRET you ask? What is the secret to being able to lose 10, 20, or even 30+ pounds safely and permanently?

Well… it’s simple really…

The #1 secret to weight loss is resistance training. Let me say that one more time… The secret to losing weight and keeping it off forever is resistance training! 

You may be wondering… What exactly is resistance training? Resistance training is simply the act of applying a load (via: weights, resistance bands, bodyweight, etc.) to a chosen muscle or muscle groups. 

Resistance training comes in all sorts of forms. Resistance training with weights is probably the most common form but of course is not the only method. For those of you who are intimidated by weights and weight lifting… another great form of resistance training is that of bodyweight resistance training. Bodyweight exercises are a fantastic method to incorporate resistance training into a hectic, busy lifestyle simply because they can be performed anywhere without the need for special equipment (i.e. at home or on the road while traveling). 

Now that you have a little better understanding of what is necessary for safe and permanent weight loss now lets talk a little further about why resistance training is so important to losing weight. 

First off, you need to know that the overall goal of doing resistance training is not directly weight loss. Rather, the main goal of engaging in resistance training is that of increasing your lean muscle tissue. The weight loss aspect is actually a secondary reward that will come in time…

Let’s dive a little deeper into the SECRET that is resistance training for weight loss…

Did you know that by adding just a single pound of lean muscle tissue to your body that you will burn an additional 50 calories (at rest) over the course of one day. And yes, that is at rest, doing the same exact things that would normally consume your time… Whether it be running errands, playing with your kids or simply relaxing on the couch watching a movie or your favorite television show.

Ok sure, burning off 50 additional calories in one day is far from a life changing amount. I totally get that and I completely agree. But we’re not done yet…

Now let’s do a little bit of math… If you are able to add an additional 10 lbs. of lean muscle tissue to your body (thru resistance training) then you would actually burn off an additional 500 calories over the course of one day! That’s pretty powerful isn’t it. 500 calories! And remember, that is at rest which means that you will burn off that 500 calories doing your usual daily activities. Pretty powerful stuff right?…

Now let us do just a bit more math and crunch a few more numbers…

Over the course of one full week, or 7 days time, you will actually burn 3,500 additional calories! 3,500 calories at rest!!  

Now, do you know why 3,500 calories is such an important number??

Please let me explain…

3,500 calories is the caloric equivalent to one pound of body fat!!!!  

Ding, ding, ding… did a bell just go off in your head?…

Yes, that’s 100% true! And it’s a VERY POWERFUL fact! For every 10 pounds of lean, sexy muscle tissue that you are able to put onto your frame, you will actually be able to burn off an entire pound of body fat over the course of one week!

Think what will be the ultimate outcome after performing resistance training for lets say 12 weeks… How would 10 lbs. of sexy lean muscle tissue added to your frame with 12 lbs. less body fat look on you?

As a fitness professional I’ve never been a huge fan of basing progress solely from the numbers on a scale. In the example above, the scale would only show a 2 lb. difference. Obviously, the body composition changes would be quite drastic, however. That is what we all should be shooting for during any weight loss attempt. The key is changing your body composition, not simply trying to lose weight. Muscle tissue is much more dense then fat cells. Because of this 10 lbs. of muscle tissue is much smaller, tighter and trimmer than 10 lbs. of body fat.

Quick fix diets, fad celebrity diets and medical weight loss approaches are not a permanent life changing approach. Performing resistance training can and should be a lifelong approach to managing your body fat levels and more importantly your overall health!  

Resistance training has so many health benefits beyond those accomplished through weight loss. Resistance training will actually strengthen bones, benefit your heart, improve balance, prevent disease, boost energy levels and improve mood! Who doesn't want to look better, feel better, and live a longer healthier life?

And remember the key here is resistance training. Doing cardio alone will help you burn a few calories while performing the actual cardio but it will not give you that “after burn” effect that resistance training will give you which helps to burn loads and loads of calories even after you have finished with your workout!

At this point you may be wondering… What exactly is the best way to do resistance training? Or you may be asking… Do I need to have a gym membership to get started transforming my body through resistance training? Well… no worries my friends! I’ve been a fitness professional and coach for a long time and over the years I’ve figured a few things out. I knew some of you would be asking those questions so I’ve put together a FREE Report just for you…

The Only 5 Pieces Of Exercise Equipment You Need In Your Home. (Hint: They all weight less than 5 lbs.)

This FREE report lists everything you need to be able to change your body and your life for good. It is my gift to you and I truly hope that you are able to learn, prosper and enjoy fitness success!

To download your FREE report, The Only 5 Pieces Of Exercise Equipment You Need In Your Home. (Hint: They all weight less than 5 lbs.)  

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Coach Kyle is a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Expert located in Lapeer, MI.  Coach Kyle loves helping his clients achieve success and chooses to focus his efforts on proper education in order to get maximum results for his members.

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Coach Kyle was named Personal Trainer of the year in Tampa, FL in 2015.
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